Ali Craig - Branding Expert and Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road because no amount of training actually prepares you for what the real world has in store for you. Because being an entrepreneur is just as much of a mind game as it is a money one.

Well take it from me, a successful luxury and neuro human branding® expert and entrepreneur for the last 20 years, to be a successful “entrepreneur” you have to own the fact that you are truly a Brandpreneur™.


Your Status

Being a Brandpreneur™ means that:

  • Your heart, mind, passion and drive for your brand is transformation driven not money.

  • You are the walking embodiment, spokesperson, and first client on many levels for your brand.

  • Your personal and professional lives, time, image blend together into a holistic reflection this is always simply you not two separate identities.

  • Your friends sometimes become your clients and your clients think of you as a friend.

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Stop The Cliche

Yet, we go online and still receive the cliche advice of “Business isn’t personal. It’s business.” or “Say “Yes!” to whatever your client thinks they need just so that you can get the job.” Or my personal favorite “Make your potential client feel the pain so that they will say “Yes” to you.”

Maybe that is how business has worked in the past when you were just a number in the corporate index. But in today’s society where you are your brand. Where the business relationships you create be them with clients, co-workers, or independent contractors are true relationships with YOU, not simply random pleasantries - taking such old school advice will destroy you and your brand.


Rules? What Rules?!?

But how are you to know what business “rules” apply today? With social media, LIVES, online, offline, and everything in between- creating a thriving and successful brand today as well as in the future requires some skill that most people aren’t talking about.

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I’m With You


Welcome to ALI CRAIG BRAND GROUP where I am and my team of experts is personally sharing with you what works, what you need know, what you need to do, and sharing with you the “how to” of how to actually make it happen.

Our online community is a truly supportive environment where you can collaborate, create and grow your brand from fledgling to massively fierce competition.

Here at the ALI CRAIG BRAND GROUP, we cover all areas of your Brandpreneur™ life.

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Client Relationships

  • PR

  • Systems and Structure

  • Legal

  • Intelligent Influence

  • Mindset and Development

  • Business Growth

And because we understand that the Brandpreneur™ Life happens 24/7/365 as well as can change on a moments notice our SLACK based community allows for you to have instant access to live as well as previously recorded trainings as well as collaboration with fellow members.

  • Fresh trainings 4x a week all around building, being, and becoming the Brandpreneur™ of your dreams

  • Custom content created by request

  • Monthly LIVE trainings to ask your questions

  • Virtual Retreats designed to get those big projects off your “to do” list and put them on your done list.

  • 1000's of "how to" videos in the resource library from website building to what to say when the "haters hate"

  • Daily prompts to keep moving your branding, marketing, and bottom line forward


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ALI CRAIG BRAND GROUP is going live June 2019. Reserve your exclusive invitation below.

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